Letter to the Editor: 'My Vote This Year Will Be For Johnson/Gray'

A Shelton resident and campaign volunteer explains why she's not supporting either of the two main party choices in the 2012 presidential election.

I'm sure everyone has reviewed their sample ballots for the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 6, and included on the President/Vice President list is Gary Johson and Jim Gray. You may be wondering, "who the heck are they?".  I would like to share some information on these men, especially if you are still among those who aren't exactly enthusiastic about the two main party choices.

Governor Gary Johnson was the successful two-term governor of New Mexico.  He was a real entrepreneur, starting a one-man handyman business to put himself through college.  He built his business into one of the largest construction companies in New Mexico with over 1000 employees.  As governor of New Mexico, he vetoed 750 wasteful spending bills, more than all the other 49 governors put together.  He cut government spending and cut taxes, which allowed the businesses of New Mexico to thrive and create jobs.  He left the state with a billion dollar surplus.  He wants to do the same for the country.  He proposes to submit a balanced budget to congress in 2013, not 20 years from now. He wants to end the wars and bring our troops home, NOW.  He is an honest politician.  I know, that's usually an oxymoron but with Governor Johnson, it's true.  His biggest donors are people like me, not Goldman Sachs or Citicorp.

Judge Jim Gray was a JAG officer in the Navy during the VietNam conflict. Following his Navy service, for which he was awarded Vietnam Service and Combat Action Ribbons, Gray worked as a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles.  In 1983, Gov George Deukmejian appointed Gray to the Santa Ana Municipal Court, and in 1989 elevated him to the Orange County Superior Court.  He retired from the Superior court in 2010.  Besides being a celebrated speaker and author, Judge Gray has been a huge advocate for LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).  His many years on the bench made him realize the nonsense of marijuana prohibition and the outrageous toll it takes on the lives of the people it affects. 

One of the most positive features of Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray is that they are not Republicans or Democrats, so people will be brought into their Administration based upon merit, not politics. Similarly, issues will also be addressed and resolved based upon merit, without caring about who gets the credit. Crony Capitalism will be a thing of the past which will give "pink slips" to three fourths of the lobbyists in DC.  I think most of us could agree that would be a good thing.

I have had the rare privilege of meeting and spending time with both Gov Johnson and Judge Gray and know they are men of principle and high morals.  Their background and experience proves to me that these are the men to lead our country out of the problems that we now find ourselves with.  In my opinion, the two old parties are the ones who have brought us to this point, making promises every cycle that they are the ones to "fix" the country but continue to fail us.  As Gov Johnson says, "The trouble now facing our nation didn't just happen. we elected it -- one president, senator and member of Congress at a time. There is no THEY out there ready to swoop in and set things right in our nation. There's you and me. It's up to us to take on the burden of liberty. we'll get a different America when we start electing our leaders differently."   We have an incredible opportunity to change the game, voting for someone who really can change the country.  It's not going to be easy but these men are definitely up for the task.  My vote this year will be for Johnson / Gray.

--Jo Ann Roeter, Shelton CT

Editor's note: Roeter is a volunteer for the Johnson/Gray campaign.


Hansa Junchun November 05, 2012 at 03:50 PM
Just the fact that Johnson doesn't have the combination of letters in his name that spells out "Barack Hussein Obama" or "Bishop Willard Romney" is reason enough to get my vote. Those two are the worst president/candidate in U.S. history, and that's the truth.


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