Things I Wish I Could Say to Other Drivers

Seriously, what are you doing?

It is called a stop sign, not a go sign.  General rule of thumb suggests you should stop at such signs, not blow right through them. 

Parkway refers to the landscaping along a highway.  It does not refer to the manner in which you are to drive on it.  If you are driving as slow as molasses you have got to speed up just a little bit. 

An exit lane is the means by which you exit the highway, hence the name.  It is not the lane you swerve into when you want to speed around the person in front of you. 

If you are driving, hang up the phone.  I do not want you to slam into me just because you are too busy gabbing about Cousin Sarah’s third divorce instead of concentrating on the road.  You can talk later.  Perhaps when you are not driving. 

There is also no need to text and drive.  At least when talking you can keep your eyes on the road, whereas with texting they’re on and off the road.  If, for example, you do not answer the fifth text in a row asking whether or not you are on your way, people will probably figure on their own that you are on your way.  And quite frankly if they don’t get the hint with five unanswered texts that is their problem, not yours.  Long story short: put the phone down while the car is in motion. 

If you are at a green light turning left and there is someone across from you going straight, you do not have the right of way (unless there is an arrow indicating that you do, of course).  When the person going straight gets annoyed that you’ve cut them off, don’t be shocked. 

You might be a big fan of your über bright headlights, but no one else sharing the road with you is quite as fond of them. 

Parking lots are not roadways.  Drive accordingly.

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Bryan Lizotte January 03, 2012 at 10:51 AM
Right on! Also the left lane on parkways and throughways are passing lanes. Don't stay there and drive 50mph when the speed limit is 55 or 65. Also when an emergency vehicle approaches, please pull over to the side so they can pass. But don't then speed up to pass the other cars that have pulled over.


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