Education Deserves More Support

Lauretti's disinterest in funding Shelton's education cannot bode well for the future

With the Board of Education having recently approved Superintendent Freeman Burr’s proposed budget for the 2012-2013 school year, it is off to Mayor Mark Lauretti to review.  The new budget includes an increase of 1% or a whopping $636,129.  This is already less than the initial 1.55% increase that the original budget carried. 

Lauretti already stated his displeasure with the budget before having even seen it, according to an article printed in the Huntington Herald.  Not only does Lauretti desire no increase to the budget whatsoever, he would also like to see a decrease to the education budget.  The proposed 1% increase to the budget is hardly anything to be complaining about, at least when using Lauretti’s reasoning. 

Lauretti’s sheer lack of interest in funding education in Shelton is sickening.  It really is amazing so many people, especially parents, chose to reelect Lauretti to office again with the constant back and forth he pulls in regards to anything related to education. 

It is somewhat surprising that as a parent who had children go through Shelton’s public school system, Lauretti does not actually like to spend money on education.  Regardless of why Lauretti consistently chooses not to spend adequate amounts of money on education, he cannot possibly expect the same quality of education to continue without proper funding. 

Other towns around Shelton are proposing to increase their education budgets for the 2012-2013 education budgets far in excess of the measly $636,129 the Board of Education has okayed.  Sure the small increase will be able to allow Shelton to slightly reduce the pay for play, but the program cannot be eliminated as was hoped.  It was also allow for some additional positions to be restored or added, but according to Burr the system will still be short about 32 certified positions. 

If Shelton continues their stance in refusing to properly fund education, will new teachers be eager to work in Shelton?  Even with the difficulty in securing positions, if given a choice they might choose a distract that provides more funding to education.  Better yet, will parents who are looking to relocate choose to move to Shelton?  Education often plays a large part in the communities parents choose to move with their children. 

It will be interesting to see what happens to Shelton and its education system if this limited financial support continues over the next few years. 

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Susan December 28, 2011 at 10:46 PM
A good education system is vital for our city. Cities and towns that prosper are those that have excellent school systems. These cities and towns attract families who fit the demographic profile that invest in their communities by purchasing homes and paying taxes that help the communities grow. Once a municipality lets their school systems fall behind, they will see young families make the choice to leave. Mayor Lauretti should know this and pay attention to the concerns of his taxpayers and neighbors. I no longer have children in the schools of Shelton, but do have children who are independent and successful due in large part to the education they received here from kindergarten through high school. I will always support the BOE budget proposals for Shelton.
Terry December 29, 2011 at 09:14 PM
"t really is amazing so many people, especially parents, chose to reelect Lauretti to office again with the constant back and forth he pulls in regards to anything related to education." I share your bewilderment about how this man and his minions are continually re-elected. When parents and students rallied to get the 2010 budget passed, we presented the same argument that Susan does in the above comment. The Board of A & T and the majority of aldermen scoffed at us (one alderman referred to us as "you people"). Lauretti justified not passing the budget due to economic hardship in Shelton, only minutes after appearing at a business opening where he boasted about Shelton's enviable economic success (I was in both places). My sister just moved to a lovely town in New Jersey, where taxes are high. She justifies paying them because her son is in first grade, and her new town has a sterling school system. She certainly wouldn't move to Shelton, which has developed a reputation in neighboring towns as a place where people refuse to pay for anything.


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