146,000 United Illuminating Customers Still Without Power; No Timeline Issued

The company's CEO said wires were down in 1,400 locations.

The United Illuminating Co., which saw 194,000 of its customers knocked off the grid at the height of Hurricane Sandy, was still working to restore power to 146,000 of them on Tuesday night.

Jim Torgerson, the company's CEO, said at at 6 p.m. news briefing that the assessment phase of the restoration process was still under way in the 17 towns UI serves, mostly around New Haven.

Torgerson said UI had successfully energized two substations that had been taken offline because of the threat of flooding Monday night. The substation in Bridgeport, he said, had come within inches of being flooded. 

"We would have had catastrophic outages had that occurred," he said, adding that the company might have to consider elevating the station, which was built for a 100-year flood stage plus one foot.

Wires were down in about 1,400 locations, Torgerson said. The company had 349 linemen, 224 tree clearance workers, 86 service people and 208 damage assessment workers on hand to get power restored. 

Torgerson said that was about a 25 percent increase from the peak number of people working after outages caused last year by Tropical Storm Irene.

While most of the damage in UI's territory was along the shoreline, Torgerson said some inland towns sustained serious outages from trees coming down in the wind.

As of 9 p.m. Tuesday, 38 percent of Shelton customers were without power.

"We'll have to see what damage has occurred before we can establish restoration times," Torgerson said.

Audrey perrelli October 31, 2012 at 11:04 AM
I live at 13 roy st in east haven, any idea when oyr power will be restored? Gerrish and main st has it, we are off gerrish
christopher morrow November 01, 2012 at 11:26 AM
Foley ave in shelton is out from a fallen tree on the transformer. There is a 80 year old women living on the street with no power, no heat and no place to go. Any idea on when power might be restored here? Cowboy7976@aol.com
Jackie November 02, 2012 at 07:41 PM
Christopher - have you gotton a reply? I called UI and they told me "everyone" (in all towns) should be on by Monday 11:59. Same bull as last year - no specifics, just going to say they are meeting the deadline. This poor woman means nothing to them. I hope and pray she is ok. I had to go across the state and pick up my elderly relatives. I have power in central ct.


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