New Garbage Program Concern

Wondering about the new garbage and recycling program and how it may impact the local economy? One local resident questions the amount of jobs the new garbage trucks took!

I am sure by now as a Shelton resident you have noticed your snazzy new garbage can and recycling bin. I was wondering how the new program would work and what kind of changes we would see, and then yesterday when I was stuck behind one of the trucks while driving home from dropping my three year old off at pre-school and I got a first hand look at the system.

If you haven't seen it yourself yet, it really is a sight! The truck pulls up next to the garbage can, an arm comes out and picks the can up to the top and dumps the contents right inside the truck. No people, just the driver (from what I saw of course, I am sure there may be an operator as well) and a big metal arm.

Neat, certainly a program of the future.

Then I started to think about the guys who normally pick our garbage up on Friday morning. The group of four or five guys following the garbage truck and tossing our garbage into the back of the truck then putting our cans back at the curb.

The math started in my head. 5 or 6 gentleman reduced to maybe two operating the new garbage truck. That is seriously putting some people out of work, right?

I mean, the truck and mechanical arm just took the job of a good four men.

With the economy today, and the umemployment rate... this new garbage program here in Shelton easily put some people out of work. While it may be fancy and new, I couldn't help but wonder what happened to those guys.

Are they single? Do they have families depending on their income? Do they have a new job or was this part time?

As a family who was the victim of the economy almost four years ago, these were questions I wondered about because my husband was on the end of that kind of cut years ago.

Was there a serious problem with the garbage program in Shelton that the new system needed to be put in place?

I guess I am just too much of a humanitarian to accept the job cuts. I feel bad for the newest generation to have their jobs taken by a machine.

Oh, and if you are looking for a second garbage can, the city will review your request, and they don't think you "qualify" they will charge you $65.

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Jeff September 27, 2012 at 10:35 AM
To the Shelton resident, the past garbage trucks had crews of 2-3 including the driver not 4-5 men following the truck. Sounds like you like math so let me help. That would be a loss of 1-2 jobs (more likely 2 since it was rare to see only 1 man on the back of the truck). The city purchased those trucks which means somewhere out there hopefully in the US many men and women were needed to manufacture that truck. Assuming it will need occasional servicing, mechanics will be needed. Have you ever purschase a new garbage can in the store that is a fraction if the size?$65 is not a figure many would complain about for something so durable. And most importantly, the recycling program will be an added revenue stream for the city, aka your city's budget perhaps in the future lowering your tax rate or improving present city funded programs. Don't trouble yourself with being such a humanitarian. Have you looked around and seen what attempts to put a chicken in everyone's pot around the country has done to our nation's economy? We should take pride in seeing the oasis in the desert that is the fiscally sound City of Shelton!
Carol September 27, 2012 at 12:54 PM
I have to agree with Jeff. Let me also add, the garbage service that we had before left a lot to be desired. The men on the trucks work for a contracted company, not the City so they may not be out of work, possible they were reassigned to another town. This new system will keep our downtown area looking better, that was one of the many reasons for implementing the new service. Oh, I also know for a fact that the new trucks were proudly wrapped by a local printer, giving his Shelton company an opportunity to earn some money and keep his people working. It will be ok, really.
JOHN DAVID September 28, 2012 at 01:51 PM
I wish to direct my comment to what Carol said: "This new system will keep our downtown area looking better, that was one of the many reasons for implementing this service". In my neighborhood, this program has had the opposite effect. Many residents are unable to store these bins out of sight during the week and within a 2 block stretch along New St, there are 17 homes with bins out front, seven days a week. Obviously, the City knows that this is an undesirable situation for the residents since they instituted a policy of fining those who don't relocate their bins out of sight. Yet, they failed to address this problem beforehand and had no answers when I called 3 weeks ago. In my case, I would have to "roll" the bins down a long flight of steps to be in compliance. Ridiculous and dangerous. So, while downtown may look just peachy, my neighborhood takes it on the chin and looks like heck over here.
Richard October 02, 2012 at 03:14 AM
Comply, Conform, Uniformity .............I have a problem with the one-size fits all mentality. You are right; someone built those trucks. I bet it wasn't in the USA. How much did those trucks cost Shelton? Does anyone really believe it will save us $80K a year? The Board of Alderman decided to go ahead with the program, and then asked for the citizen's input. What will it cost to keep these trucks running? Who will fix them, and who will pay for the maintenance? Wait until it snows. How are these trucks going to get in between parked cars and piles of snow? The political ruling class dictates and we follow like sheep. It is time to kick all of their A$$es out next November. How dare they spend our money without our input. I never noticed the garbage cans before, and now that is all I see. If the original problem was Center street, then why should the entire town pay the burden for a system that has not been proven to work under all conditions and situations. I know one thing; the old system did employ a few more guys, but they picked up the garbage whether it was lying down or buried in snow. If these new trucks can't get to your garbage can it will not be picked up. Wait until it snows and the plows come by.
Richard October 02, 2012 at 03:22 AM
No one put any thought into this new service before implementing it. They threw the baby out with the bathwater. Now that we are missing about $300K in embezzlement, that we know of, what service will have to be cut because one guy did not like the way Center street looked? Was anyone here asked about this program before it was implemented? The Good 'ole Boys know better than you and me. You hit the nail right on the head, John.


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