Meet Your Local World Book Night 'Givers'

Written Words Bookstore in Shelton was a pickup location for this year's World Book Night "givers."

Local "givers" met at in Shelton this past Friday to discuss their plans for World Book Night -- being celebrated all day today.

Each giver will hand out 25 copies of one of their favorite book titles to unsuspecting people. The goal is to spark interest in light or non-readers.

"Hopefully we'll cause a stir and make a difference in some lives," said Written Words owner Dorothy Sim-Broder as she toasted the givers.

So who are the givers, and how do they hope to make World Book Night a success in and around Shelton?

Amanda Marrone: Plans to head to after school hours to give out copies of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. "There are always kids waiting to get picked up by parents outside, and also I know that the Drama Club is practicing so I'm hoping to sneak in before rehearsal." She also hopes to surprise the moms and dads painting sets behind-the-scenes.

Liz Rimkunas: Will be giving out copies of The Book Thief. Liz said Friday night that she was "not exactly sure" where she would be heading, possibly a local grocery store, so shoppers -- look out!

Joanne Weiss: Joanne was pleased to learn she'll be giving out copies of Friday Night Lights, of which a film and television series are based off. Her initial idea was to go to the Mercy Learning Center and/or Merton house (both in Bridgeport), and after brainstorming with the group also thought of contacting local high school sports teams, as Friday Night Lights is about football.

Tracy Jordan: Her book this year is The Poisonwood Bible. Hailing from Virginia and in the midst of traveling, Tracy suggested leaving some copies behind in hotels for fellow patrons to stumble upon.

Joan Feeley: Being a first grade teacher at , Joan is in the perfect position to give away books. "All year long, first graders work so hard with reading skills. I am working on a letter to send home with each of my students so the kids can present a book to their parents from me." She said she hopes this tactic will spread the gift of reading throughout each family.

Dorothy Sim-Broder: Dorothy will also be handing out copies of The Book Thief. She said she would like to particularly target teen boys who may not be readers. "I went to a school book fair a couple years ago and it was so sad, especially for the boys. Many of them aren't reading, and if they were, they had to acted like they had to hide it, like it was something uncool to be ashamed of."

Susan April 23, 2012 at 03:37 PM
I was shopping in Written Words last Friday night and did a bit of eavesdropping as this group picked up their books and planned their strategies. What an awesome group! They are so enthusiastic about this initiative. Dorothy once again proves what an asset she and Written Words are to Shelton and our surrounding towns. If you haven't been to Written Words yet, it is more than worth the trip. Not only can you purchase any book you want, you can also pick up greeting cards, locally made soaps, candles, hand-knitted items. Support our small shops and pay a visit to Written Words.


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