Shelton Pop Warner Receives Schutt Helmet Grant

The Shelton Pop Warner team was presented with new helmets, courtesy of a national grant program.

Shelton Pop Warner Football & Cheerleading was one of 22 Pop Warner associations nationwide chosen to receive 24 new Schutt football helmets via the National Pop Warner grant program.

Pop Warner National and its sponsors provide local Associations with the opportunity to receive equipment and funds through the Pop Warner Equipment & Apparel Grant Program. These grant programs are offered at the national level and are, by no means, the only sources of grants for Pop Warner Associations. Pop Warner encourages its leagues, associations and teams to seek partnerships and sponsorships with local businesses and to apply for any eligible grants.

Erin Candler, who heads up fundraising for Shelton, spearheaded the grant application. “As a not for profit organization, we rely heavily on donations, volunteers and grants to run this program," Candler said.  “Safety is our top priority; this grant goes a long way in offsetting the expense of fitting the kids with proper helmets.”

The Schutt Recruit Hybrid helmet awarded to Shelton features TPU front and crown cushions, vinyl-nitrite side and back padding, SUREFIT slots, and a vinyl comfort liner. The jaw pads on the Recruit Hybrid also feature Air Maxx TPU along with a soft vinyl-covered jaw pad, combining protection and comfort.

“All football helmets are reconditioned each year and helmets that are too old have to be replaced”.  Monteleone continues “The helmets were received this week from Schutt and will be fitted with logos for the upcoming season which begins on August 1,” said Tim Monteleone President of S.P.W.

Schutt® Sports is the world’s leading maker of football helmets and faceguards. Three out of four professional football players take the field wearing Schutt® gear designs. The company was founded in 1918 and is based in Litchfield, Illinois. For more information visit www.schuttsports.com

Shelton Pop Warner is part of Southern Connecticut Pop Warner which includes teams from 20 southern Connecticut towns.  Teams compete against towns like Derby, Seymour, Trumbull, Stratford, Fairfield and Milford. Home games are played at Gracie Field (behind the old ). Shelton Pop Warner is a non-profit organization. For more information visit www.sheltonpopwarner/.com

John G July 21, 2012 at 12:10 PM
I remember last year the attacks on Parks N Rec about money and funding. The city should really look into the matter and call out Pop Warner. Its seems baseball has some dirty pool also. Think back when you were a kid. Did you ever hear of this BS? NO-you were worried about making the team. The city is kind of sketchy in their decision making for both of those programs...The AYF people were crammed in at Perry HIll and Pop Warner was jumped the by Theater people at Lafyette creating a NYC traffic jam. Neither Lafyette or Perry are an appreciable place for our city's youth sport programs. LAX suffers too. Maybe pooling the resources we have is the answer and that will make an effective decision by our city. Invest in our kids. Make them look back and say our city was good when I was young so they too continue to reside and provide the volunteering we all need here in the future.
Mark Wills July 21, 2012 at 09:59 PM
That is a stand up comment. I am sure a resposne from Vikings could clear it up. Probably the worse thing to do is hide on the topic. A little more visibilty might get some people to believe in their organization again. Rumor had it AYF paid their coaches. I thought all these youth programs had volunteers? Maybe I am wrong. Who knows?
Joseph S July 23, 2012 at 05:39 PM
AYF is a 100% volunteer organization as much as PW would have some believe, as a matter of fact one of PW's executive board members verbally assaulted an AYF member in public over this in the past, he should have been arrested onsite. PW is concealing facts from its members by not disclosing its lack of membership which will only hurt children and have them on the outside looking in when the season starts. I'm sure there are "strict guidelines" to meet certain standards, unfortunately Shelton PW has not complied with any of these guidelines.
Mark Wills July 24, 2012 at 11:28 AM
http://valley.newhavenindependent.org/archives/entry/new_shelton_pop_warner_policies_emphasize_safety_citizenship/ So now we have the cop led league running the nonexistent entity and unregistered non profit. Arsenio-thinks that make you go hmmmmm. Where there's smoke , there's fire. Above the law? maybe
John G July 25, 2012 at 12:48 AM
You mean "THINGS" ... Well "things" change. Wait till Cal Ripken comes to town . PW=Woolworth went out of business. AYF is like the Chic Fil-A I guess.


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