Shelton Teacher Salaries Slightly Above State Average

ConnCAN, a group aiming to improve education in Connecticut, has posted a searchable database on local teachers' contracts.

A new free, searchable database on Connecticut teachers' contracts shows that have a slightly higher starting salary than the state average, and that while the city is on par with neighboring towns Monroe and Trumbull while pay and benefits offered exceed those of other Valley towns like Derby and Ansonia.

The database was developed by The Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN), a group dedicated to improving education throughout the state. It contains teacher contract information for more than 170 public school districts, including salaries, sick days, class sizes and layoff standards. The website also allows you to compare four contracts at a time, and every contract can be downloaded in .pdf format. (Shelton's full contact is attached).

Salary data for all distritcs reflects the 2011-2012 school year. Shelton's teacher contract began in 2011, and the city's annual report for that fiscal year shows that 51 percent of the education budget (about $32.6 million) was allocated to teacher and administration salaries.

Starting Salary STATE average $42,450 Trumbull $47,310 Shelton $46,605 Monroe
$46,033 Derby
$44,150 Oxford
$42,188 Seymour $40,523 Ansonia $37,171

Other Highlights

  • In addition to being highest amongst the Valley towns, starting pay for a teacher with a bachelor's degree in Shelton is also higher compared to Fairfield, Darien and Easton.
  • Shelton offers tuition reimbursement for its education employees, while Trumbull and Derby do not.
  • With a class size limit of 30 students for grades K-12, Shelton is slightly above the state average, which ranges from 25-28. Ansonia's limit is highest at 32.
  • Shelton teachers are paid for professional development days. Teachers in Derby, Monroe and Ansonia are not.
  • Shelton teachers have the most prep-time of any of the Valley towns; they're contracted to be at school a full five days before classes start and students arrive.
Leah Salomoni June 21, 2012 at 02:18 PM
"ConnCAN is providing a lot of helpful information as well as making strides to improve our education system. I worked on several charity events for them and so many wonderful people are doing lots of great things! Where do Shelton students rank against other cities/towns in Fairfield County? Last years ranking was not so good : (" - Kate Mattox (Shelton Patch Facebook page)
Nicholas Banks June 22, 2012 at 10:48 PM
Mr. Riccards at it again. This database that he "created" has existed for years. This about as new as his "charter schools are public schools" rhetoric. If they are public schools, why are they are not listed in this database? The reason why is that the public could see that they are grossly underpaid. And where do the profits and tax dollars go: to Mr. Riccards and his millionaire friends. We really need a chart to show what these consultants and special masters like Paul Vallas and Steven Adamowsk, who were awarded no-bid contracts, are making. Fun Fact: Paul Vallas is special master of Bridgeport (you know, the city that lost its' elected Board of Education in an illegal move by Stefan Pryor and his state BOE) makes $250,00 and it is listed as a "part time position." Beware Shelton: Do not welcome these snake-oil salesmen into town. As a resident, I'll be glad to meet them at the border, after they are done strip-mining the larger, poorer cities in our state.
Nicholas Banks June 22, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Check out this related story about ConnCan. They just won an award! Well, some would call it an award... http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/Wendy-Lecker-ConnCAN-big-influence-bad-3603340.php


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