Shelton School Calendar 'Heavily Impacted'

Right now April break will consist of one day, unless another snow day hits — then it'll be wiped out and days will be added onto the end of the year.

Inclement weather is taking a toll on the school calendar.

Already, Shelton Public Schools have lost 11 days in the 2012-13 school year — four of those from the recent blizzard. That means April vacation is down to one day — Monday, April 15.

Another snow day would wipe that day out, too, and then any additional lost days would be tacked onto the school year, according to a message from Superintendent of Schools Freeman Burr, posted on the district's website.

In that message, Burr says the school calendar "has been heavily impacted by the suspension of classes due to inclement weather."

Right now, the last day of school is scheduled for Friday, June 21.


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