Playtime Back On at Mohegan School

Recess had been reinstated at a Shelton elementary school.

After a couple months of negotiation with the Shelton school administration, parents of Mohegan Elementary have successfully convinced teachers to reinstate fill recess time throughout the week.

Back in November, Shelton mom Aimee Cayer sent in a letter to the editor explaining her disappointment with the decision to hold three days of recess per week for 15 minutes, down from 30 minutes of recess five days a week.

Board of Education member Mark Holden said a small meeting was held amongst assistant superintendent Lorraine Rossner, Mohegan principal Anne Hamilton and a few concerned parents.

"[My friend] was told that one of the reasons it only affected Mohegan is because our specials teachers are full time for Mohegan only," Cayer. "It kills me that we have to have a full time school psychologist that must split her time between two schools."


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After some discussion and a review of each grade level's schedule, it was determined that Mohegan students will now have 20 minutes of recess per day, five days a week.

"I had kids come up and thank me for getting recess back for them. My girls were singing 'Mama did it, Mama did it, oh yeah, we got recess back!' for days," Cayer said.

School administrators were not available for comment on Monday.

Jeff February 05, 2013 at 12:45 PM
Ah ha!!! Someone at the school board showed a little ankle revealing an unknown but very viable suspicion if thought had been given, this was all about justifying employment and giving these "specials" educators enough work. Well guess what, that's not how things work when we the tax payers are technically the employers! So let me get my hands around that argument. If say City Hall had a full time interior decorator we might have one less worker in a plow truck clearing the roads? Times are tough and no one wants to lose their job but when the tax payers are funding what you see in the public schools we have to demand what's right. This could apply to any argument but here these "specials" might have to have their hours cut in order for there to be parity throughout the school system. This completely fits into what's called crony capitalism but in the public sector and right beneath our noses. The parents called the bluff!
Kathleen Schif February 05, 2013 at 10:16 PM
With childhood obesity on the rise-kudos to more physical fitness time for the kids @ school. A "healthy body" promotes a "healthy mind"! Kathleen


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