Winthrop Woods Road, Shelton, Home Gets $797K

35 Winthrop Woods Road (Credit: Neighborcity.com)
35 Winthrop Woods Road (Credit: Neighborcity.com)
The following properties were sold in Shelton recently, according to the City Clerk's Office.
  • 140 Far Mlll St., Doreen Laucella to Christopher T. Dumas and Shauna M. Dumas, $423,500
  • 44 Brownson Drive, Lisa W. Heaton to Raymond Defelice, $405,000
  • 170 Thoreau Drive, Thomas J. Coon and Lori A. Gibson to David Shinnick and Kerianne Shinnick, $390,000
  • 15 Willard Road, Diana L. Rossi to Damon Anastasion and Jodi E. Anastasion, $445,000
  • Lot #2 Vans Corner, James Ochman to JHO Realty LLC, $0
  • Lot #2 Homestead Parcel, Frances V. Hobbs to Lynette Purciello, $110,000
  • 490 Asbury Ridge Road, Brian Harris LLC to Rose Bot, $149,000
  • 18 Pine Hill Village AKA 257 Kneen St., Anna Mae Canell to Jean A. Foley, $180,000
  • 102 Blueberry Lane, Donald J. Lako and Terese Marie Lako to Madisons Properties LLC, $315,000
  • 35 Winthrop Woods Road, Agnieszka Korwek to Thomas M. Silva, $797,000
  • 145 Canal St., Christopher B. Monoson to John Sembrot and Carol Sembrot, $120,000
  • 20 New St., Ben Huynh to 20 New LLC, $1
  • 3 Horseshoe Drive, Adriana D. Artusa to Alexandra Korol and Tanya Guild, $30,000
  • 6 Dogwood Drive, Martino Construction Co. LLC to Neal W. Kiely and Yelena V. Kiely, $390,000
  • Lot #38 Country Ridge Estates, Dorothy A. Scinto to Paul Scinto, $332,000
  • 42 Basking Ridge Road, Henry K. Prusik and Elzbieta Prusik to Robert Collins and Rose Stanton, $349,000
  • 33 Fox Hunt Road, Twisted Vine LLC to Silvino Rio and Anita Rio, $480,000
  • Lot #25 Twisted Vine Estates, Twisted Vine LLC to Kenneth M. Schaible, $1
  • 15 Mayflower Lane, Brian R. Noccioli and Nancy A. Noccioli to Agnieszka Korwek and Jaroslaw Korwek, $457,000


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