Voters Approve Phase III of Southern Water Line

Construction slated to begin late summer.

The 28 registered voters in attendance at Tuesday night’s special town meeting voted unanimously to move forward with the third phase of the Southern Water Line project, extending public water service south on Federal Road from the intersection with Candlewood Lake Road to 50 feet shy of the Danbury border.

The town’s water consultant, Marty Handshy, explained the purpose of adding a third leg to the Southern Water Line as threefold: to serve the last few businesses in Brookfield’s commercial corridor, provide fire protection for that area of town and allow a possible future connection to Danbury’s water system.


Read more about potentially connecting to Danbury.


The final phase of the water line requires digging an additional 1,230 feet, however that distance includes passing under a culvert, making the construction slightly more difficult.

The total cost is projected at $498,938, including a 25 percent contingency, which will be paid down by the property owners along the line through benefit assessments.

(The resolution approved Tuesday requested $495,000 on advice of bond counsel, but Handshy said he was confident that amount will be sufficient.)

“I don’t expect it will take more than four or five weeks,” Handshy said, expecting the work to be completed by the end of August.

Steven DeVaux February 20, 2013 at 06:36 PM
Why would Danbury want to ever connect their premier water infrastructure to Brookfield's? Danbury has reservoirs, etc. Brookfield is filtering and watering down the uranium in it's system. Danbury's is pure while Brookfield's is questionable and of questionable quantity. Danbury is wise to keep it's pristine water supply for it's residents and future commerical growth in Danbury. That's one of the benefits of a 10 year plan of conservation and development.


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