Letter to the Editor: Canal Street Referendum

A Shelton residents asks: "Where are the millions of dollars going?"

The Shelton Board of Aldermen approved that an . In addition to the $5 million for roads, a second question on the ballot pertains to $1 million for Canal Street reconstruction. In November 2008 the electorate had already defeated a $3 million question for the planning, design, acquisition and construction of Canal Street, formerly known as Shelton Enterprise and Commerce Park.    

Before voting takes place the Shelton Aldermen need to explain why the defeated 2008 $3 million Canal Street question was placed on the ballot in the first place. Based on newspaper articles, Canal Street appears to be proceeding quite nicely without the $3 million. On the other hand if the $3 million was indeed needed in 2008, what source of funding filled the $3 million shortfall?     

What is the total dollar amount funded, committed and spent with taxpayer dollars for Canal Street? Why, specifically, is an additional $1 million of taxpayer funds needed? What Board, Commission or Corporation is responsible for overseeing the project?

It’s time for the aldermen to step up to the plate and share with taxpayers the entire cost of the Canal Street project. All federal, state and local tax dollars spent and earmarked for Canal Street need to be shared with the public.

Where are the millions of dollars going? Enough is enough!!

Richard Widomski  

Shelton, Connecticut 06484

Chris Evanchik Noonan October 11, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Clean up Howe avenue first before pouring all this money into Canal Street. The shops on Howe ave are cheesy and trashy looking. Not all shops but a lot of them. Shelton is building high priced homes, attracting major corporations to town but yet our downtown area is a disgrace. There should be an ordinance on building restrictions on the downtown buildings. I am not proud to have out of town to go through the downtown area. Some businesses should be a model for others to follow, such as Marks Design and Stockbridge. This is where we should start before building further. Maybe it might attract more businesses to the town area.
James Oram October 12, 2012 at 02:30 AM
Please note that private investment is funding development on Canal Street. The Birmingham Condos replaced an abandoned factory. Avalon Bay, a respected nation-wide company, is building a 250 unit complex. More private development is on the way. Our downtown asphalt plant was removed by the developer. Shelton taxpayers are asked to fund the road, sidewalks, and utility work. When all is said and done, 1000 new residents with over $20 million in annual disposable income should do wonders for Howe Ave business!


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