Drive-Thru Doggie Wash Denied (For Now)

Shelton PZC said Splash Car Wash cannot add dog washing stations unless city building codes change.

won't be offering self-service dog washing stations just yet, but the idea isn't completely off the table. Shelton's building ordinances prohibits any additions to a business unless they are a "necessary accessory," so while some may deem the dog wash compatible, it's simply not allowed.

A written statement by planning consultant Tony Panico was presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission during their monthly meeting Tuesday night. It said that because the Splash building is in a Planned Development District (PDD), it can only be used for its originally intended purpose.

"The proposed dog wash is not a permitted used under the PDD and is not identified as a necessary accessory," Panico said.

, Jason Frank, the district manager for Splash, submitted plans to create the area’s first drive-thru doggie wash. PZC had tabled the topic, requesting more information.

Ultimately, though, they cannot vote to approve the dog wash without changing the city's standards. Representatives from Splash plan to submit an appeal to change the PDD rules.

"A public hearing would be necessary to modify a PDD," said Chairwoman Ruth Parkins. During this time, issues such as "parking adequacy and pedestrian circulation" on Bridgeport Avenue can be discussed.

"I think this is a great concept, but we have to be careful," Parkins said. "We can't set the precedent that we can change things on a whim because we want to."


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