Is The Traffic Light on East Village Too Slow? [POLL]

The city's Public Health and Safety Committee discussed this and other street-related issues at their most recent meeting.

Shelton's Public Health and Safety Committee met last week in and discussed the following: 

  • Traffic signal at intersection of Route 110 and Maple Avenue/East Village Road:

There have been multiple complaints about the light cycle being too slow, causing traffic backups, particularly coming up Maple Avenue onto East Village Road. Currently, it takes less than two minutes for the light to change on either side.

Papa said the state Department of Transportation will investigate the situation to see if the timing of the lights needs to be changed. Finn said the real problem is distracted drivers.

"In the morning, it all depends on who's first in line, if they're paying attention. I've seen people on the phone, putting on makeup, shaving in their cars and then the light turns and they don't move and only two cars get to pass," Finn said.

  • Streetlight request on Copper Penny Lane:

Copper Penny resident William Verespy said a light is warranted on this dead end due to repeated police activity at night.

"Two weeks ago there was an incident where two gangs of kids got together and started beating on each other's cars. They ran over my mailbox, tore up my lawn. A few years ago, there was a suicide at the end of the road and there was a period of time before it was found. It's dark as hell down there...it creates an atmosphere where kids hang out and things happen," Verespy said.

The streetlight request was denied. Papa explained that this is a "Priority 3" issue, and that lights are not usually installed on a cul-de-sac because of the low traffic volume. He and Hurliman did, however, agree that posting a "Dead End" sign might cut down on the nighttime activity.

  • Speed bump request on Union Street:

Lauren, a Union Street resident, presented the committee with a petition signed by neighbors. She said people use her street to cut through to Coram and Bridgeport Avenues. "They fly down the road and it's really kind of scary."

Chief Joel Hurliman and Chairman John Papa said there are no speed bumps on public streets, and Hurliman recommended that the request to the Committee be denied, however another solution was offered.

"What we are taking a look at the possibility of making that street one-way," Hurliman said. "We would do that, but the speed bumps -- if you have one accident, you're automatically liable. The city has to pay."

Vernon Shuster August 09, 2012 at 03:32 PM
I would think most people coming from the East Village side, would get more green light time, heading to RT110, due to large amount of people trying to get to work..
OtherGma August 09, 2012 at 06:19 PM
This is an extremely dangerous intersection. I imagine if the light was made shorter - it would increase the probability of causing accidents. I go through it at least 4 times a day and have never noticed it being too long. Better safe than sorry.
Joanne Simpson` August 09, 2012 at 07:12 PM
I am extremely thankful for that light, and kudos to the person who also included the green arrows several years ago. I remember when there were stop signs only on East Villiage/Maple Avenue and Rt. 110 cars had the right of way. There were quite a few accidents and people lost their lives. What I don't like about that intersection is the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru--that's dangerous, people have cut me off while waiting for the light to turn green so they could get their coffee. That needs to be fixed--there's no reason for an entrance/exit onto Maple.
Chris herb August 09, 2012 at 08:20 PM
That light stays green longer for big trucks going up the hill... When they have to stop there they start off so slow.. That's a main road and maple is a side road I say leave it as it is and leave earlier for work
Susan August 09, 2012 at 09:55 PM
The light seemed to be fine before the change. It changes so quickly when you are on Maple Ave that I see more people speeding up so they don't get caught at the red light. It's a tricky traffic spot, but I think the light was better regulated prior to the way it is now.


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