Bridgeport Man Charged in Theft of 45 Guns from Shelton Home

Man arrested on 45 counts of theft for allegedly taking various firearms from a local resident.

Shelton police were contacted by another department in October to inform local officers that they recovered a stolen firearm during an investigation that traced back to a Shelton residence.

Officers discovered the stolen gun in the possession of Jelani Lemon, 22, of Old Town Road, Bridgeport, who was later connected to 45 firearms allegedly taken from the same Shelton residence.

Detectives learned that Lemon knew a person who lived at the Shelton home, according to Shelton Lt. Robert Kozlowsky, and had been at the house before the guns went missing.

Various types of guns were stolen, Kozlowsky said.

Lemon was arrested last week and charged with 45 counts of felony theft of a firearm — one count for each gun — and one count of larceny in the first degree, also a felony.

Lemon was arraigned on April 16 and held on $20,000 bond.

He is also facing several larceny and illegal weapon possession charges in three other cases.
infidel81 April 23, 2014 at 09:06 AM
Now let's see if he is even prosecuted for these crimes. Probably, he'll be let go on lesser charges because so few prosecutors have enough balls to do the right thing and throw these slime balls in jail for the crimes they committed.


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