'The Good Ole Boy Network Strikes Again'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

"The tax Board is "Shocked." I am shocked that they are shocked. Yes, we have a low Mill Rate, but it won't stay low for long when they find out just how much is missing. The "Good ole boy network" strikes again. It is time for them all to go." -

Connecticut Gas Prices Hold Steady Below $4

“4 years ago, gas prices were about $1.79...just thinkin'” -

Should Stratford's Schools Be Maintained Year-round?

“There is only so much money to go around. If you want more services, you have to either pay more taxes or cut services elsewhere. Nobody wants more taxes, so less essential services fall by the wayside.” -

Healthier Lunches Will be Part of Back to School This Year

“They really ought to work on improving the quality and flavor of the food as well. I visited my children during lunch last year and was shocked to find the meal of the day was practically inedible!” –

“The federal government is gonna regulate how much salt is in your kids diet? How dare they! How are the fat little conservative kids, gonna grow up to be big fat conservative adults? The government is trying to take away their freedom…next thing you know the EPA will try to make sure the air you breathe and the water you drink is fresh and clean. These government regulations are killing us!” –

“This is what is wrong with government today. What could be better than for students to grow and eat their own food? It's beyond ridiculous. Just like how the government goes after all the vitamin companies for claims that vitamins make people more healthy but yet the FDA okays drug after drug that makes people sick. Our country is upside down.” –

Arrest After Shots Fired on Surrey Drive

“No one should be firing a gun in their backyard....PERIOD!” -

Cops: Criminal Trespassing at Milford Library

“I'm new to town and don't know what the 59 year old did to get banned from the library. Must have been serious, given the low turnouts at libraries these days and here they're trying to keep this guy away!” –

Zoning Proposal Allows Apartments Near Commercial Areas

 “Monroe is never getting sewers. You should just forget about that.” -


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