Tales of a Tree Hugger

Photo Credit: George R via Flickr
Photo Credit: George R via Flickr
I recently read the article about our environmental footprint here in Shelton and it was very interesting.  What I found even more interesting, however, were the comments.  It amazes me that there is still a large part of the poulation that believes that we are not responsible for respecting our direct environment.  Where do we think all of our resources come from?  Does our food and fuel and clothing and shelter all magically appear out of the ether?  And what happens to it when we are finished with it?  Oh yeah-back to the ether you go!  

At the risk of sounding hippie-dippie and like a part of the "cult of environmentalists" I will dare take one step futher and ask this preposterous question-  Where do you think YOU come from?  Unless we are systematically dropped here by the mother ship, like it or not, we are the stuff of the earth.

My main point is that our perspective of separation and entitlement has proven detrimental to our surroundings. It is time to open our eyes to the reality that we are a small part of this world and should be  respectful, cooperative and resourceful out of nothing less than a perspective of common sense if nothing else.

I would love to see a more proactive and integrated approach to environmental respect in this city and I believe that there are more than a few people who agree with me.  Let's speak out together and get it done.
Joyce Donnelly April 23, 2014 at 08:39 AM
Agree. We need to speak out against the massive tree trimming currently being carried out in Shelton. Let's protect our environment and do prudent tree trimming.


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