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Blocked stop signs an increasing nuisance for drivers

Driving through an intersection after stopping at a stop sign should not be a dangerous task. It shouldn’t be but it definitely can be when driving through some of Shelton’s roads. It seems as though many intersections with stop signs that are on residential roads come with plenty of landscaping on property as well as overgrown trees and bushes. 

Stop signs are generally installed in areas where it might be difficult for cars from one or more directions to get through an intersection. When one part of a given intersection is blocked from view enough to make it nearly impossible to discern whether or not another car is also stopped, the “safety” aspect is completely lost. 

Drivers should not have to slowly creep through an intersection after they have come to a complete stop just to determine whether or not it is safe for them to proceed through. 

They should be able to clearly see if any cars are coming from another direction while they are still stopped. Situations like this can be dangerous because if one driver cannot see who is at another stop sign, it is very likely any stopped at the other sign will not be able to see either. 

The town should be periodically ensuring stop signs at intersections are visible to drivers from all directions, but the responsibility should not fall solely on the town. 

Residents with stop signs on their property also have a responsibility, whether they like it or not, to ensure that the signs are visible to anyone driving through. Part of this responsibility includes not landscaping their yards so that any trees or bushes are planted in such a way that stop signs are obscured.  

While residents can call and complain every time there is an overgrown tree or bush blocking a stop sign, those who live on properties with stop signs could also pitch in. 

Obviously larger jobs should be left up to those who are experienced, but residents could take initiative on smaller jobs. It does not take too long to trim back stray branches in order to make signs more visible from various directions. 

Keeping residents safe while driving should be a concern of everyone around town. Taking a few moments to make sure stop signs on your property are clearly visible is far less costly than people getting injured because they could not see if anyone is at another stop sign.


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