My Favorite Thanksgiving Things

Columnist Heather Borden Hervé has found that—especially after Hurricane Sandy—helping those in need during the holiday season is one of the most important things of all.

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? With some of the best traditions of any holiday, Turkey-day is quite honestly a favorite of mine and millions of others. So, because I like to be a little cheesy, I wrote a little song about what Thanksgiving is about—or what I would like to make sure it really is about, for me and hopefully for anyone who reads it.

Bear with me a little, and try and read what I’ve written with the tune, “My Favorite Things,” from The Sound of Music in your head. (I told you it was a little cheesy, but what can I say, I’m in a bit of a bubbly, pre-holiday state of mind.) And I wish you great family fun and warmth all through the holiday season!

A Few of My Favorite Thanksgiving Things

 (sung to the tune of that Sound of Music song you’ll now have a hard time getting out of your head. Sorry!)

Turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce

Watching some football, who won and who lost?

Quality family time, come sit and eat,

These are some important Thanksgiving treats…


Children with plates piled so high with food,

Cheek pinching relatives add to the mood.

Festivity and a holiday charm

It’s what makes Thanksgiving ever so warm.


Wait a minute! Just one second!

Think I forgot one thing more.

There’re people out there who don’t have what we have,

We must think of them, that’s for sure


Soup kitchens, shelters, no family this year

Those hit by Sandy, both far and so near.

What can we do to bring help to them all?

Even small gestures can break down some walls.


Find out what’s needed at local food pantries

Paper goods, canned food, or gift cards—why can’t we?

People hit hard on the Eastern Seaboard,

The Isle of Staten and the Jersey Shore.


Breezy Point, Oceanside, Lower Manhattan

Rebuilding homes, and their lives—make it happen!

What can we do at this time of the year?

I’ve got suggestions, for you never fear!


Food Bank of Westchester, bring them some bounty.

Or the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

Call these two shelters: Bridgeport and Norwalk

It’s time to do more than just ‘talk the talk’!


I’ve written lots ‘bout the fire department—

Of Breezy Point, the whole neighborhood’s hurtin’.

Here are two ways that you can help them out.

A Disaster Relief fund and via Facebook.


Rockaway Point.


Here is their info too.

For New Jersey Shore Points’ assistance, I’ve heard

The RAINE Foundation can direct you.


Here is another great organization:

Occupy Sandy had a great realization.

‘Let’s be a clearing house resource to all,

We’ll funnel those people who heed the call!”


People who want to help with the recovery

Check in with that group, find out in a hurry

Exactly where your help is needed the most,

Wherever your heart leads along all the coast!


These are simply

Starting points,

For doing something,

A tradition to add to your holiday plans

Compassion’s our Favorite Thing!


Be sure to add in the comments any suggestions for local resources to help those in need in your community, or to let Patch readers know what you’re doing to assist others this Thanksgiving.  


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