'Just What We Need, More Wasted Money'

Patch readers call it how they see it. What's your favorite comment?



"2000 jobs riding on smooth operation ? I think they are in for a very bumpy operation. This is just a piece of a pattern that is becoming very clear to all." -

"To All: This behavior is more prevalent than you think. Just as sex, drugs, dealing, gun running and such 'Out of Your Mind' horrific things you can think of that our dear, sweet children are doing. Don't be surprised these things may be only ideas in our youngens heads, yet soon to be opinions! Wise up people!" -

"It seems that the town government is engineered to keep people fighting on a daily basis rather than electing officials and letting them do their jobs while I go to work and do mine; earning a living." -

"Wow! Finally! Welcome completed library and more sewage capacity (future development?!!), by bye broken top windows and aspestos! When should the demolition start?!?" -

"There is an equal amount of blame to be placed on residents who were as unprepared as CL&P was. But that's what happens when a population no longer embraces self-reliance and becomes conditioned to depend on a nanny state to take care of them when things go bad unexpectedly." -  

"So yet another survey was conducted that basically results in the same information. Just what we need, more wasted money. SCORE is a great organization but businesses also need to join the Newtown Chamber of Commerce for one thing..but there has to be a benefit to them joining!" -

"Very tragic. To label the lake as 'a drowning machine' is a bit much. If people obeyed the rules and did not swim where they are not supposed to (there are signs saying no swimming) maybe these things wouldn't happen." -


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