He Said, She Said: Paul Ryan

Is Paul Ryan bad for women?

Mitt Romney handed Barack Obama a potentially winning new slogan for his campaign for re-election in November: ‘Paul Ryan is bad for women.’ 

As much as Romney would prefer the upcoming election to be a referendum on Obama’s financial policy, his will probably force social issues to take center stage. Romney has worked hard to avoid discussing his mixed record on topics like women’s reproductive rights and health care reform, but Ryan’s entry into the campaign trail may render that impossible.

Ryan may also erode any lasting sliver of hope Romney had of winning back the support of conservative single women who have felt alienated by the Republican Party. Ryan has been a prominent figure in the recent “war on women,” voting to defund Planned Parenthood four times and vocally supporting overturning Roe v. Wade, seeking to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest. 

Ryan also co-sponsored the federal Sanctity of Human Life Act, which sought to give a fertilized embryo all the “legal and constitution attributes and privileges of personhood.” This is in spite of the fact that personhood amendments have been thus far unpopular on state ballots and would make certain forms of birth control and in vitro fertilization treatments illegal. Ryan also supported the Protect Life Act, nicknamed the ‘Let Women Die Act’ by Democrats, that would have allowed hospitals to deny women emergency abortion care, even in a life-or-death situation for the mother.

In 2009, Ryan voted against the relatively uncontroversial Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which passed without his support and grants women protection from being denied equal pay for equal work. This is not to mention Ryan’s consistent lack of support for LGBT rights, his record on immigration, and his much lauded budget plan that would slash safety net programs and dismantle Medicare as we know it.

The full impact of Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate will not be known until the election in November. But as the race heats up in the next two months, it seems Ryan’s deeply conservative stances on social issues may do more harm than good. 

Jeff August 24, 2012 at 11:41 AM
First of all Ella I would take some time to educate yourself on the proposed Medicare reform. If you had a clue you'd understand that Medicare is "dismantling" itself and that Ryan's proposal does nothing more (as if it's not bold) of preserving Medicare as a viable option to the bancrupt pathway it's on. The can's been kicked down the road to the point that the road is ending in a steel reinforced wall. The Democrats don't have the backbone to face the music. Paul Ryan does have the backbone to stand up to all the fear mongerers in the media and the misinforming journalistic pieces like this one. Oh, one more thing Paul Ryan brings to the ticket, the knowledge to balance a checkbook. That being a sharp contrast to what we have now should cause everyone to pitch a tent outside the polling places the night before the election day to be the first to vote.
Concerned Parent August 24, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Let's be brutally honest here...Those who dislike Republicans will use this to promote their negative opinions of them. Democrats are good at that. Those on the right will side with Ryan because a lot of them are like minded in the area of social-conservatism. Those undecided, who reside in the middle of this political lunacy, are the INDS. The INDS are like a ship of reason in a sea of utter confusion. In a society where liberal mantra is "PRESUMPTION", the INDS will take their time to dig thru the rhetoric to come and "EDUCATED" decision on their election decision. These childish articles that simply cut and paste from the web are laughable.


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