'Does Anyone Know Where The Brakes Are'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


"[Obama] is pushing us off a cliff; does anyone know where the brakes are or how to use them?" -

"A leopard can't change her spots, and neither can Pat Llorda. She was a school principal, and that runs deep. Asking her to take on the BOE is like asking her to kill her own young, she can't do it. New leadership will be required." -

"buena suerte !" -

"Boy, people better wake up, because while everyone's busy trying to earn a living, Democrats are busier working full time to dream up new laws, new regulations, new ways to place demands on us, and new ways to control our lives." -

"In terms of beefing up police to stop such a thing that's absurd. No amount of police presence can be at every home every minute of the day. People need to protect themselves and their homes. Lucky for them they didn't meet me and my 9mm." -

"I wouldn't call him a 'man'. Not even close!" -


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