'A Dog's Heart Doesn't Lie in His Fur Color!'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

DARIEN: "I fell in love with my newfie/black lab mix from his shelter pic. It was taken outside against a background of snow, which really showed him off. I'd previously heard about the stigma against black dogs and how they're adopted last, It's very nice to see it being recognized and brought to the public's attention. Hopefully it will raise awareness to the fact that a dog's heart doesn't lie in his fur color!!" wrote this in response to an article about .

NEW CANAAN: "A call from Robo Cop at 10 pm that provided essentially nothing more than 'stay in your house' was not the NCPD's finest hour. All it served to do was create mass hysteria and a sleepless night for an entire town. There was no mention of the fact that search was for a patient from Silver Hill which no doubt would have eased fears and drawn sympathy. It seems like a better procedure needs to be put in place as to when and how Robo Cop should be used. I will be deactivating mine until a better plan is in place." wrote this in response to news that a The police department sent out a robocall advising residents to stay in their homes during the search.

STAMFORD: "Hunting down the deer today because some people got Lyme in the past... well that makes no sense. It would be like putting on your seatbelt after you drive into a tree. And if we only have 11 cases per year going forward... well that just doesn't seem significant enough to gun down hundreds of deer. It would be like having leaves in your yard this Fall, so you go out and buy 200 rakes." wrote this in response to a post by "Local Voices" blogger Peter Wild about the .


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