Which Line Item Are You?

Are you willing to throw yourself a line? How can you take an active part in allowing that self nourishment to happen and to continue?


Prioritizing. Again. Always a tough one for me. Always to serve but to serve whom and in what order?

Hard enough as a woman. A working inside/outside (I/O) the home woman. A working I/O the home woman exhausted in her first trimester, sometimes through second and, definitely, through third.

A working inside the home new mother dreading her first day back to outside-the-home work. A working I/O the home mother trying to survive the separation those first few days, weeks, months as she surrenders her child to someone else's care or realizes she is really going to give up her career and start this new one all day alone, separated from what she knows as work-outside-the home.

A working I/O the home mother with a toddler getting crazy cardio keeping up with her firecracker of an energy ball, while exhausted from working all day I/O the home. A working I/O the home mother with child off to kindergarten or beginning the homeschool journey with her heart being torn her baby is on the bus or pulling her hair out, can she really homeschool this child?

A working I/O the home mother with one to one plus children, trying to get her sexy back because she realizes she's due for some self love and is ready to date the love of her life again. She's ready to feel like a human being that has been exhausted far too long being everything to everyone and mostly, surprisingly, is ready to explore being now everything to herself.

We all know we are our own best friends and worst critics. But what do we do about that on a moment by moment basis? Sometimes, taking stock of your breathing is all you can muster but it is just what will do the trick to keep you going. I wish it were easy enough to take a take a lifelong moment and love everything we are, the perfectly imperfect perfection. It takes me more than a few reminders. So, while we're on the topic, let's do it now. And just keep trying through this very day.

Caring for yourself would make your maker happy and proud. It is encouraging and lifts up those around you. It helps us walk a little taller to spend the day smiling and living in that peaceful hope that we are going to show ourselves that we too matter. Cherish, share and give back to yourself the gift that is you.

Is it a cup of coffee or tea? A nice stroll alone or a walk and talk with the hubby?  A day trip all to yourself? A great read?  Is it glamorous hair and nails?

A quiet time of prayer and reflection? A journal entry? A good run? An uninterrupted phone call? A super long bath?

A knitting project? Volunteering some of your time? Romping around like a child without apologies with your children?

A visit to an art gallery? Baking a delectable new dish? Going on a shopping spree? Going to the gym? Learning how to play an instrument? Learning a new language?

How do you prioritize?  In your daily planner, have you set some time aside to care for yourself. If so, is it a distraction or a gift that will help refine you?

For me, it is finding time for prayer and reflection. I guess I like to know I have someone I can seek out at any time of day without having to call, write or text and juggle into my schedule so we can have quality time, whose focus is solely on me, is interested in what I have to say, do and loves me despite how hard I can be on myself sometimes. I couldn't possibly leave that job for my poor husband alone!

And what about you? What is it that will help nourish and grow you in every way today? Or, how about just give you that boost, you are doing okay?

Are you willing to throw yourself a line? How can you take an active part in allowing that self nourishment to happen and to continue? Sit on it.  Ask for a sign and whatever comes to your heart that is positive and joyful is probably the way to go.

Whatever brings you discouragement, write it down and revisit it by and by. The right time for that will come to you too. Yes, it will come to you but you have to make that space to listen for it!

So, pencil yourself in. Make time to care for the perfectly imperfect perfection that you are. And spend this day sharing with others the important message of not only loving one another but yourself!

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