Change in Assault Statistics Unacceptable, Upsetting

The increase in numbers of sexual assaults around town is simply not acceptable or something that should be overlooked.

The recently released their 2011 crime statistics and while most occurrences of crime increased in the city, one increased statistic is a little more than unsettling. 

Not only did the number of sexual assaults occurring in Shelton increase over the last year, they have almost doubled in that twelve month time frame.  In 2010, there were 12 reported cases of sexual assault in Shelton.  In 2011, there were 22 reported instances of sexual assault. 

Note that you will not find the word “only” anywhere in the previous paragraph.  Even one instance of the aforementioned crime is an instance too many.  Never mind that the reported number is probably not a decent reflection of the actual number of sexual assaults that occurred in the last year, as many tend to go unreported. 

In response to the change in numbers, .  But that doesn’t make the increase acceptable or something that everyone should just shrug their shoulders to because that’s regarded as “normal.” 

Hurliman also said that some of the increase of sexual assaults in Shelton might be attributed to “domestic incidences” as if that excuses the changing numbers. 

Yes, sexual assault does occur with a complete stranger assaulting someone, but it is not exclusively limited to that.  The thing is, a large number of sexual assaults occur between two people who do already know one another in some capacity. 

Domestic instance or not, rape is rape, assault is assault and the familiarity of the victim with their attacker does not make any one case less valid than another.  Sexual assaults occurring in “domestic instances” are not lesser cases, nor are they restricted to their own special club. 

The increase in numbers of sexual assaults around town is simply not acceptable or something that should be overlooked.  We as a society need to start being more proactive in preventing the number of sexual assaults that occur both within our town and around the country.  There needs to be less “preventive” measures that aim to tell women how to avoid being raped and more education on why one shouldn’t assault another person. 

Unfortunately, until more people start taking notice of how these crimes and their victims are treated, it is unlikely much of anything will change.   

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