By the Numbers: Shelton's Election Results

Shelton voters elected republicans over democrats across the board, according the official election results released Wednesday.

There were some slim margins but incumbent GOP Mayor Mark Lauretti garnered 6,876 votes to Democrat David Gioiello's 2,110. It was the second time Lauretti defeated Gioiello.

In total, 8,677 voters cast ballots out of 23,802 registered voters, making the turnout 36.4 percent, said Bob Lally, of the city's Registrar's Office. In 2011, 41 percent of voters turned out, he added.

Lauretti said the turnout may be due to voters not "feeling a need to come out."

"They have other things to be worried about" in Washington, D.C. and Hartford, he said.

Here are the certified election results for Shelton.

R- Mark A. Lauretti: 6,876
D- David Gioiello: 2,110

Board of Aldermen

First Ward:
R- Anthony Simonetti: 1,663
    Eugene Kierce:  1,300
D- John "Jack" Finn: 1,395

Second Ward:

R- Stan Kudej: 1,071
    Eric McPherson: 1,123
D- Ralph Matto: 641
    Michelle Bialek: 723

Third Ward:

R- John Anglace Jr.: 1,421
    Lynne Farrell: 1,440
D- Chris Jones: 903
     Judson Crawford: 530

Fourth Ward:

R- Noreen McGorty: 1,689
    John Papa: 1,831
D- Polly Dyer: 647

City Treasurer:

R- Raymond O'Leary: 5,000
D- Bob Lally: 3,530

Board of Education
R- Kathy Yolish: 6,098
    Tom Minotti: 5,926
    John Francino-Quinn: 5,320
    Win Oppel: 5,939
    Mark Holden: 5,823
D- Faith Hack: 3,974
     Kate Kutash: 4,234
     Arlene Liscinsky: 4,243
     Elaine Matto: 3,863
     Tim Walsh III: 4,464

Planning & Zoning Commission
Four-year terms:

R- Ruth Parkins: 5,697
    Anthony Pogoda: 5,773
D- Nancy Dickal: 3,502
     Jimmy Tickey: 4,337

Two-year Terms:

R- Thomas McGorty: 6,376
     Virginia Harger: 6,260

Alternate (Two-year term):

R- Ned Miller: 6,091
D- Frank Osak: 4,273

Board of Apportionment and Taxation

R- Joseph Palmucci: 5,807
    John Belden Jr..: 6,539
    Charlotte Madar: 5,854
D- Lou D'Agostine: 4,357
     Joe Knapik: 4,067
     Jay Zikaras: 3,943

Library Board

R- Barbara Glover: 6,311
    Aleta Miner: 4,819
D- Denise Deeds: 3,347
Carol Marie November 07, 2013 at 07:23 AM
The votes for the two mayoral candidates total 8,986 but only 8,677 people voted??????
Aaron Leo November 07, 2013 at 07:47 AM
Good question, I will check back with the registrar. Absentee ballots, perhaps?


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