Voter Backs McKinney

Louis Bevilacqua
Louis Bevilacqua

The following is a letter to the editor. 

By Louis Bevilacqua 

Daniel Malloy has failed as our state’s chief executive and is the cause of much of Connecticut’s struggles these past four years.

“The McKinney family has done a lot for the people and in service to our state over the years.  John will provide the competent leadership we need during these times of fiscal stagnation.  You want someone to captain the ship of state that has the experience and personality necessary to lead us through the rough waters ahead.  That is from our neighboring town makes his selection a fait acompli.  Governor Malloy has proven why the Democrats failed to win the governorship for the past 30 years.  If you look up incompetence in the dictionary, you are certain to see a photo of the former Stamford mayor,” said Bevilacqua.

Daniel Malloy was the first Democrat to win the office of Governor since Grasso’s lieutenant Governor assumed the position following her death in the early 1980s.  Mr Bevilacqua considers Tom Foley, the 2010 Republican nominee a friend with whom he frequently shares ideas, but says that the party is not united behind his excellent leadership and this will make it difficult for him to carry victory in November seeing that he already lost the race once before.  Despite his impressive background, election-day shenanigans in Bridgeport prevented the former Ambassador from sweeping to victory at that time and cast the election result into uncertainty and chaos.  The lack of involvement by elections authorities and the new machines being used for the polling places created a comedy of errors.

“I swear to God, we would have no government if we could.” concluded Bevilacqua.  “Malloy’s outmoded vision for our state is both dangerous and opposite.  He would have government in our bedrooms and our bathrooms if he could." 

Bevilacqua points to one regret with the end of the Malloy administration, top notch public servants such as Nancy Wyman will not play a role in state government.  Perhaps, he added, she will serve on some august institution as the Supreme Court.

Louis Bevilacqua

Bevilacqua said he is a political strategist and activist for good government and an advocate for the people and for substantive reform to limit government’s power recently joined a pro constitution faction in Connecticut politics.


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