Howe Avenue Bus Stops To Be Discontinued

Notice for CTTRANSIT F-route bus customers in Shelton

In light of concerns of traffic safety on Howe Avenue, in Shelton, GBT will be removing their stops on Howe Avenue at Bridge Street and on Howe Avenue at Center Street. GBT passengers will be asked to use stops on Center Street at Coram Avenue (far side, southbound) and Center Street at Coram Avenue (far side, northbound). Beginning the week of August 6, GBT will still pickup at these locations, reminding passengers that the stops on Howe Street are no longer served. After August 12 the stops will be discontinued.

CTTRANSIT will no longer service these stops. CTTRANSIT customers wishing to transfer to GBT buses should do so at the Derby Railroad Station.

Marc Weissman August 06, 2012 at 01:02 PM
All well and good, but now downtown passengers are unnecessarily inconvenienced and forced to walk even further to where the businesses actually are! How about addressing the safety issues instead decreasing optimal service? Surely, there must be a way. For goodness sakes, NYC manages to have safe bus stops amidst much more feverish car and pedestrian traffic, and last I checked, there weren't 8 million people living in Shelton. :)


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