Deep Snow Stops Progress of a City Plow

A plow truck driver worked along Catlin Place could push all the snow off the street.

A plow truck driver could not push all of the heavy snow on Catlin Place during clean up efforts throughout the city on Monday, on the heels of Friday's blizzard. After doing half the street, the driver told neighbors a bucket loader would have to be brought in to finished the job.

TARA SANTONE February 11, 2013 at 06:55 PM
What's up February 11, 2013 at 07:53 PM
Where are the plows or the back loads !!!!!! What abt us people on the dead ends!!!! We haven't seen one since Thursday night when we had 1/4 of an inch of snow. Now we can't get out of our street but streets off of us are done and you can see the black pavement. But we pay the same taxes as everyone else.
carla mcguire February 11, 2013 at 08:34 PM
I agree with "what's up". I too live on a dead end. I have not seen a truck since Friday afternoon. I watched on Sunday morning as the dead end behind me got plowed by two trucks. Every street around me is plowed, including the dead ends, but when I called Monday monring to ask if they forgot the 6 houses on the end of Greenfield, he stated we were on the list and they would come today. "Dead ends are last"he said. I continued to call the majority of day, just to find the phone busy. At 2pm, I got a hold of someone who wasn't aware of the "issue" at our end of the street and was "going to find out." So, I guess our street wasn't on the list today. Not only did they forget us, but they went by the rest of the road twice! My thing is, if you're on my street, just clear it all. Why waste time and gas to come back to my street? 26" of snow is not going to just melt away. I just don't understand the idea of leaving the dead ends for last. It's not a private road. It's no different then the rest of the street. And by the way, all the roads around me are dead ends, and they have been plowed.
Duck At Excalibur February 11, 2013 at 10:37 PM
What ever happened to "patience"? What ever happened to "common sense"? As I recall, there was plenty of warning about the severity of the storm. I was quite prepared to spend several days isolated in my home. I understand that there are extreme circumstances beyond our control. Did you folks somehow miss the memo? Take a good look outside. The amount of snow is far beyond normal expectations. It takes a lot of planning, manpower and resources to clear all this snow. There are over 20,000 miles of roads in CT. To think they can all be done overnight is unrealistic. It's a shame that Americans have devolved into whining, selfish and petty creatures. Stop whining and grab a shovel. Fend for yourselves for once.
Phil McCracken February 11, 2013 at 11:48 PM
Duck--I too have preached patience. It was an enormous storm, and the clean-up to be similar in scale. However, it is disheartening to learn of the complete lack of preparedness that our town exhibited. You speak of planning. The obvious question for the administrators of Shelton is what planning went into the storm response? It is ponderous. Also ponderous is your exhortation that Americans are whiny and petty. And the suggestion that people grab a shovel and fend for themselves. Considering the number of stories that I have heard of neighbors working together to clear their street, your comment is misguided and ignorant.
carla mcguire February 11, 2013 at 11:56 PM
I hope this wasn't geared toward my note. I'm not complaining about the lack of service, I am complaining because EVERY road around me (I called a person on each sreet that I know) has been cleared, twice. I road above the intersection has been cleared twice, but my end is untouched. I'm not sure why. My complaint isn't about waiting any longer, but the fact that they may have forgotten. The goal today was to go through every street once. They went to every street around me twice! I'm juse scared that they forgot us. There is no reason to come back to our negihborhood. I think I have a right to be nervous and ask to make sure someone comes by. My father isn't in the greatest of health either. I am three streets from Darrin, the the close proximity of the latest dealth, teamed with the feeling of being forgotten makes me really worried. I appreciate all they do, and hey, I know we pay low taxes, and that is part of it, so I'm not complianing, I would just like a real answer when I call with my concern.
Jiemi February 12, 2013 at 12:30 AM
If there was some kind of communication, plan or any information at all I would understand. But leaving a senile hard of hearing fool incharge at the mayor's office was just to much. He keep saying what do you want me to do? I said what is the plan for cleaning the streets and he did not have an answer or provide any helpful information and kept saying I can't hear well. As well as, since I live on a dead end I am not important. Well then I guess my taxes are not needed by this unimportant resident. It this was the best the mayor could find to cover for him while I vacation, we are all in big trouble!
Whitehills Waitress February 12, 2013 at 02:23 AM
I live on a very busy street in the town and everyday we have cars speeding up and down my street as a very popular cut through street. We didn't get plowed out until yesterday around 5 p.m. By plowed out I mean that they cleared the road so one car can go through and there was still a 10 ft wide wall of snow we had to get through to get to that "cleared road." I too, thought we were forgotten and when I got out last night and drove to look at my neighboring streets I was shocked to see black pavement! Even the dead-ends were plowed and we were FORGOTTEN! Shame on you City of Shelton. I give credit to all of the hard workers that have been out all night days at a time but I am very disappointed at the people who are in charge of organizing and keeping track of the snow plowing efforts and progress.
Brian February 12, 2013 at 12:06 PM
The Shelton Public Works Department was the worst in CT before this storm. The City of Shelton's mayor was the worst in CT before this blizzard. This storm just compounds what we all already knew. The mayor spouts out about low taxes but what he really does is slashes budgets and we get screwed
carla mcguire February 12, 2013 at 12:09 PM
It is Tuesday and they did not come by to plow our dead end. There are 7 roads off Greenfield- all with dead ends. They have all been plowed since Sunday. I have conacted people on each street and there is a clear passage. The upper part of Greenfield has been passed twice- on Sunday. Again, after countless calls and patience, still now plow. As I stated, it's my fear that they are done in this neighborhood so they won't be back. I can't beleive this was purposely done, with the idea of coming back since every other dead end is clean.
Stan Mahoney February 12, 2013 at 03:32 PM
Still no plows and no answers from our phenomenal city leaders love love love living in Hell-ton unbelievable


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