Readers' Choice Winner: Blanchette Sporting Goods

The store outpaced ASF Sports & Outdoors to take the "Readers' Choice: Favorite Sporting Goods Store" crown in this week's Shelton Patch contest.

Shelton Patch readers and account-holders cast their votes for “” in this week’s Readers’ Choice contest, uploading their reviews in the business directory, and one local outfit distanced itself from the competition:

As per Patch’s rules for the Readers’ Choice contest, attached each week to our poll and article, readers and account-holders decide their towns’ winners through a combination of poll votes, ratings, reviews and comments.

Blanchette Sporting Goods garnered not only more than 54 percent of the votes, but a review in its directory listing, left behind for all future Patch readers to see:

: Excellent service and a great variety of sporting goods available at reasonable prices.

Thanks to all Shelton Patch readers and users for your participation.

Congratulations to Blanchette Sporting Goods.

Next week’s topic: Favorite local restaurant for a steak. The contest opens at 5 a.m. Monday—see you there!


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