Music Teachers Network: Shelton Entrepreneur Builds Network Into a Business

Founder of Music Teachers Network talks about starting a business in Shelton.

Photo Credit: Music Teachers Network
Photo Credit: Music Teachers Network
Business: Music Teachers Network LLC
Owner: Scott Hargus
Website: www.mtnct.com
Address: We do in home lessons but our office is located at 10 Bona Vista Terrace, Shelton.

How did you come up with the name?
I was a successful private guitar instructor and my customers were always asking me if I knew any drum, piano or woodwind teachers that had a similar personality/work ethic as me. So I pooled my resources and experience and built a network of music teachers that they could go to — Music Teachers Network llc.

Why choose that location? Why start a business in this town?
I've lived in Shelton for almost 20 years and absolutely love it here. I can't imagine owning or running my business anyway else.

Briefly, what business are you in?
In home music lessons, instrument rentals, group classes and music camps.

What's the most difficult moment or challenge you've faced as a business owner?
Having continued success in a difficult economy and the constantly changing landscape of advertising. It seems like every month there is a new trend and what helped your business last month may not work this month.

Were there any challenges that made you second guess your decision to be an entrepreneur?
Nope... never... not even one.

What's been your favorite moment or proudest achievement since opening?
The time that two people who did not know each other personally we're nicely debating on a Facebook moms page as to why their guitar teacher was the best. The funny thing was that they both came from Music Teachers Network and I had personally set both of those lessons up as I do for all my customers.

What's the most innovative idea your employees or customers have had that you put into practice?
There are so many... from offering in home lessons instead of having customers travel to a studio, to starting a garage band so that kids can get the authentic feel of being in a real band to teaching kids how to build and then keep real guitars in our Summer music camp. We are always open to and love getting feedback from our customers — after all they know us best!

How do you deal with difficult customers?
We are lucky to have wonderful customers so this situation rarely comes up. On the few occasions that it has, we find it very helpful to try to see things through the eyes of our customers and then react to them the way we would hope to be treated if the situation was reversed.

How does your business give back or get involved in the community?
If you live in Shelton you have probably heard about us or seen us at local events. We are always looking for opportunities to give back to the community we love. We proudly provide the music for the Tree Lighting every year, our "famous" music Corvette has given out candy at Trick-or-Trunk, and we have donated to Spooner House, the Police Union and St. Lawrence School, just to name a few.

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