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Finding the 'Zone: Captain's Pizza 6

The search for the best calzone in Shelton comes to the Captain's table.

Sometimes you eat something and it disagrees with you. Sometimes you eat something and you spend the next few moments recovering from the shock of entirely too much awesome, or perhaps even, awesomesauce.

Sadly, this is not one of those times. This is more like the time where you eat something and then have to struggle to remember what it was you just ate, because unfortunately, the calzones at Captain’s Pizza 6 are an exercise in mediocrity.

When you sit down at Captain’s, I hope you’ve got someone to talk to or a smart phone to mess around with, a good book would not be a bad idea either, because you’re likely in for a wait, in my case, a full half an hour before I saw my food.  If you’re making dinner for a family of six, a half an hour isn’t bad, if you’re making one small calzone, well, it’s two to three times as long as the other restaurants in town.

When you do finally get it, it comes complete with not enough marinara sauce, enough grease to drown a yak, and a steak knife, and trust me, you’re going to need that steak knife as the doughy shell of the calzone is not that doughy, in fact it bears a more striking resemblance to stiffened cardboard, which I find surprising given the amount of grease that spills out when you finally do break into the masterpiece of meh.

There’s a decent amount of meat in it, if you’re carnivorously inclined, like me, but it too manages to find a way to be bland. The pepperoni just isn’t that spicy, the cheese is dull and ordinary, and the worst part of all of it is the price. At over $13 for a two-topping calzone and a soda, it’s nearly half and again as much as the far superior calzones found at Antonio’s Italian Style Pizza.

All in all, I hope Captain’s Pizza 6 manages to scrounge up a new recipe and new ingredients when they move down the street in a few months.

Where should I go to next?


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