40 Homeless Dogs Find 40 Forever Homes [Photos]

Georgia Veterinarian and volunteers match homeless dogs to families at Stratford Petco.

The RV departed Georgia's Madison County on Thursday around 7 p.m. The ultimate destination was in Stratford, and the trip took 20 hours, with the furry cargo and caretakers arriving in Norwalk around 3 p.m. on Friday.

Forty dogs and eight volunteers, under the supervision of veterinarian Dr. Gloria Andrews, arrived safe and sound, but the real challenge lay ahead: finding homes for all 40 dogs and puppies in just two days.

Was it luck or was it good timing? The weekend was somewhat mild and overcast -- not exactly beach weather. Still, by the end of Saturday, 23 out of 40 dogs had found homes. These dogs from Georgia, harder to place in the South where dogs are often allowed to roam and fewer owners spay or neuter their dogs than in the Northeast, were all placed with loving families in Connecticut.

Each family was asked to fill out extensive paperwork and an application that asked questions like where would the dog sleep and how many hours the dog might be left alone. Everyone had multiple references checked over the phone. Some potential adoptees went home on Saturday to think long and hard about the commitment, only to return on Sunday to find the dog had already been placed. And not every family was approved. Still, the turnout of families willing and capable to care for a dog was enough.

Many families brought their current dog or dogs to Petco to have them help in the selection process. Most received the seal of approval; others less lucky. But at the end of the day, every single dog found a forever home and the RV headed back south, empty but for humans.

Watch this space for future puppy adoption events in our area. Dr. Andrews and her volunteers will be back in a couple months. Details will follow.

Dragonfly August 03, 2012 at 11:58 AM
Two weeks ago our family adopted a rescue dog at the Monroe SPCA adoption event at Petco in Milford. There were about 40 small dogs flown in from CALIFORNIA that morning. The process was long. We waited on line for a while to go into the pen to visit all the dogs and to try to select one. A lot of them were sleeping, probably due to some jet lag and also wearing off the anesthesia from having been spayed or neutered that same morning. A special little gray 6 year-old poodle/yorkie mix caught our eye right away. She wasn't getting a whole lot of attention from the crowd of people visiting, but our connection was instananeous and we started bonding then and there! We knew she was ours. The volunteers there were AWESOME and you could tell they truly cared about each and every dog there. We passed the long and thorough application process by Monroe SPCA, and Carly was OURS! We received proof of spaying and all shots, and a follow-up vet visit and free heartworm test. Poor Carley trembled and gagged the whole way home. The gagging continued and after visiting several different vets, one vet appt finally discovered that she had some abscessed teeth and drainage was leaking down her throat, causing the gag. We are up to over six figures in vet bills to date, and Carley has had 11 teeth pulled. She gets nervous around males, and we wonder about her past. We know her future is GREAT though She's starting to flourish and grow, and we love having her in the family.
Dragonfly August 03, 2012 at 12:10 PM
P,S. I meant to add in my prior comment that the adoption fee to Monroe SPCA was $395. It might seem like a lot, but when you consider the cost of her travel from California, plus her spaying surgery, vet exam (which unfortunately didn't diagnose the abscessed teeth, but we fixed that issue and would have adopted her any way), plus her shots, etc., etc,. it doesn't seem all that exorbitant. It's actually a small price when you consider the value of a new, loving family member. It's fun and rewarding watching Carly come out of her shell and bond with each of us in her own way. After reading all the comments here, I have to say that there was no evident animosity among any of the volunteers at the Monroe SPCA adoption event at Milford Petco where we adopted Carly. They all just seemed interested in watching the dogs go to loving homes. We are so glad and thankful to Monroe SPCA and Petco in Milford for having this adoption event. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new dog, Carly!
Scott Norton August 03, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Dragonfly, I am very happy that you were able to add a new loving member to your family. I am especially happy that you chose an adult dog as many times they are overlooked. It is a shame that the SPCA was not able to partner with a 3rd party to offer the first month of pet insurance at no cost as that would have helped defray a lot of your extra costs. As far as any animosity I truly believe that Petco as a company (from top to bottom) is 100% on board with animal rescue. The employees were more than helpful to not only the volunteers but really worked with us as a united team to make sure that people were getting all of the basic supplies that they were going to need. The only negatives that keep coming up seem to be from another rescue group (I'm sorry greyhound racing supporting adoption group) that for whatever reason is mad that we were there. The event was a great success just as I am sure the one that you adopted Carly from was. I wish you and your family as well as Carly many years of happiness and joy together.
Cheryl September 25, 2012 at 12:42 PM
Am I misisng something here though......I though the importer law required that even incoming dogs from other states HAD to get a CT health certificate PRIOR to being offered for adoption to anyone within 48 hours. How do these GA transport deals get around that portion of the law. I am just asking because we as a CT based rescue group are required to do so......
Deirdre Cannon September 25, 2012 at 12:46 PM
Yes you are 100% correct about the importer law andthis group from GA had health certificates on every single dog and were fully evaluated by a CT licensed vet within 12 hours of arriving in CT before they were up for adoption. They are compliant with every law. I cant speak for any other group except this one.


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