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New development: Free early 1990s comic book -- bagged and in good condition --  to the first 25 cash mobbers to make a purchase!

(CASH MOB- noun; a new phenomenon where people break open their wallets to support locally-owned businesses.)

Come join us as we show Written Words Bookstore our love (and our money) by storming the place to buy the titles we're craving this summer. 


Shelton enjoys the increasingly rare distinction of having an independent bookstore, a hub for author appearances, as well as a salon to discuss ideas, learn a language or a craft, and buy wonderful things to read. 

If we don't use it, we may very well lose it!

Amazon is convenient-- but when you spend your money in Shelton, your money stays in Shelton -- where it benefits you and your family.

Even better, Dorothy and the staff at Written Words wrap gifts free of charge. You never pay for shipping.

Make it an event and storm Written Words on July 14th from 10am-6pm with your friends and family!

(And if you happen to have kids in the Shelton school district, you can pop in that day to place a paid purchase order for the books on their required reading lists. Written Words usually gets orders to customers within days -- again, with no shipping charges!)


-The owner is more likely to develop a personal interest in you and your needs.

-You save gas when you shop locally.

-The business owner is your neighbor and is invested in your community.

-The big box store in invested primarily in profit; fewer of your tax dollars stay in Shelton to benefit you and your family.

GOOD TO KNOW: According to The3/50Project, for each $100 you spend at a local business, $68 returns to the community. For each $100 you spend at a national chain, only $43 returns to the community. When you spend $100 with an online retailer, zero (0) dollars return to the community.

(For more information why patronizing local businesses benefits you, please visit http://www.the350project.net/home.html .)


Meet award-winning children's author Amanda Marrone from 10-2pm.

She's bringing along her creepy-crawly collection of preserved insects, and you can take a picture holding live hissing cockroaches—if you dare!

TEACHERS:  Stop by and sign up for a free one hour classroom visit with Amanda.


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