Who Owns These Cats?

They were found in Shelton and one was injured.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook
These two cats wandered into Shelton earlier this year. Do you know owns them?

According to one Facebook poster, "They are huge, extremely friendly and well fed, not your typical strays. They showed up at someone’s doorstep in the area of downtown Shelton, CT (off Howe Ave) in early January. He fed them and cared for them for a couple of weeks but they cried constantly and kept trying to get into his house to escape the freezing weather.

"When he noticed one of them bleeding badly from a front paw and struggling to walk, he asked us for help. The black & white one did require emergency surgery last week to remove a tumor that had ruptured the pads on his front paw. He is recovering well.

If anyone recognizes these cats or knows of anyone that recently lost cats in this area, please call H3 Pet Supply at 203-690-1400.
Kate Vonwolfie January 27, 2014 at 06:41 PM
so are they out of the cold now because they can die in this weather? did the gentleman who is taking care of them downtown finally take them into his house, or are they only still on his porch crying to get in and freezing to death?
Sara Johannesen January 27, 2014 at 07:44 PM
unfortunately neither of those are my cat, however I am missing my cat in the area of prospect ave inbetween Myrtle and Kneen. He is an altered male tabby, with a white stomach and white feet. His name is Reece.


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