Shelton Author's 'Minister's Shoes': Drama, Mystery Comedy

Have you met Rev. Castle yet?

Let Shelton Author Celine Rose Mariotti introduce you to him in the first book of what she says will be a series.

"The story takes place in Corning, Ala. and is about a Baptist Minister, Rev. Clayton Castle, who solves mysteries.  When Sada Sampson asks him to find her husband Trevor, he stumbles into a big case," Mariotti said of her work. "The Lord appears to Rev. Castle and gives him the clues to help him solve the mystery.  It is a story of drama, mystery, and comedy."

The story also deals with gambling, infidelity and a "nefarious character of Jonas Cartwright." 

According to her biography, Mariotti was born in Derby and is a graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, where she majored in Business Administration and minored in English.

"Ever since childhood she has loved to write; when she was a senior in high school she began sending her work to publishers. Her first poem appeared in Night Roses in 1991, and her second poem was published in Green’s Magazine in Canada that same year. Since then her work has appeared in many literary magazines around the USA and even in India, Australia, and Scotland. Early Bird Publications of India published a primary textbook of essays on the Presidents," Mariotti said of herself.

You can order the book on Amazon or through WriteWordsInc.com.  You can also order directly by writing to celinem@aol.com.

Minister’s Shoes is both a print book and an e-book so you can also find it on Kindle or Nook.


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