Puppies Fit For a King

Meet the Pekingese, which for centuries could only be owned by Chinese royalty.

The Pekingese, otherwise referred to as "Lion Dog" because it resembles the Chinese guardian lions, or perhaps because Chinese legend tells us that once a butterfly and a lion fell in love. They knew their difference in size was too much to overcome and together they went to see Buddha who allowed their size to meet somewhere in the middle.

Now, Wendy and her pups were not imported from China, but were rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri.

Wendy is four years old and will be fixed when she is done nursing. Her pups, which consist of three boys and a girl, have had their first series of shots and are ready for adoption.

Although these zen pups will require brushing every other day, Toni Bracca, animal behaviorist and owner of TLC KENNELS in Shelton, says: "Their coats will not be as long as those you see in books, as the books only show quality breeders."

The Pekingese DNA originates from China and are confirmed as one of the oldest breed of dogs and could only be owned by Chinese royals.

Being of imperial stature, Pekingese pups possess the traits of self-importance, making them good natured, very intelligent, obedient, affectionate and excellent family pets and companions. These puppies do not need as large a living space which makes them a good choice for smaller homes and apartments. Being short legged, muscular and durable makes walk time enjoyable for this breed and children alike.

Bracca said she is often asked: "What is the best breed for my family?"

"Don't have your heart set on one particular breed of dog, go and see what dog falls in love with you. The chemistry has got to be there." says Bracca.

As with any dog, spending time with your puppy will help you learn more about his/her personality.

If you would like to visit Wendy and her pups or are considering adoption please contact Toni at TLC Kennels in Shelton by calling 203.925.9126.


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