CT Paranormal Researchers: Dos and Don'ts of Spirits

Orlando Ferrante of CPRS
Orlando Ferrante of CPRS
Since 1996, Orlando Ferrante and Joe Franke have been quietly investigating suspected hauntings as the founders of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society, even refusing television offers.

At the Plumb Memorial Library, the team recently presented photos (some of their own, others contributed) and a video of what appears to be an unexplained object floating from a baby's crib.

The photos included images of faces where they shouldn't be and orbs (a sign of spiritual energy). A series of photos tracked what appeared to be an orb trying to materialize into a human shape.

There were also forms of possible animal spirits.

The duo also brought in a client who reported incidents ranging from levitating or disappearing objects to apparitions.

One apparition, a black mass with white eyes seen in a basement, caused an ex-Marine to soil himself, the duo said. Another spirit shoved a 250-pound woman against a wall.

Another family's Bible was torn to shreds.

One spirit was so troublesome, Ferrante, who said he can see and hear spirits, challenged it. Instead of attacking him directly, it plagued his family and his home. Ferrante said he finally struck a deal with the spirit to end the torment, after several years.

"These are the hidden dangers that are associated with this line of work," Ferrante said.

In addition to physical manifestations, the team has captured EVP (electronic voice phenomena). The loudest is a woman who sounds like she is searching for something and slamming a drawers while cursing. The noise is loud, but it was only picked up on a tape recorder.

Spirits can haunt for a variety of reasons, they said. In particular, some spirits plague families that are troubled. "They feed off the negativity," Franke said.

His advice if you believe your troubles are paranormal? "Come together as a family. Love one another," he said.

There are also different types of hauntings. "People can be haunted. Houses can be haunted. Property can be haunted," Ferrante said.

The pain of a haunting comes not only from fear but from peoples' disbelief.

"We've had a lot of clients who break down into tears because they think they're losing their mind," Ferrante said. The clients are actually happier when someone else validates their experiences, the team said.
Colleen K. Peltomaa August 28, 2013 at 12:40 PM
I can see how these people can serve a purpose. I don't go out of my way, however, after my Dad passed away I one night heard noises in the basement of furniture moving around and I called the police and nothing was discovered. Then it struck me that my Aunt who had been living with us kept complaining of some "people" bugging her. My Dad also one time came and reported to me that he saw some "people". The next morning I went to the basement and started talkiing to "the people" :-) I could feel their shock and amazement and I felt a connection was made. I told them that there was a hospital nearby and perhaps they would once again enjoy the pleasures of living within a human body as a baby once again. They left. The validation of that was when a friend of my Dad came to visit and he said as soon as he came into the basement that the weight he had always felt on his shoulders lifted off. Also, equipment stopped breaking down so fast since that time. I have some other "ghost stories" too, but I'm out of that "business" :-) Peace to all beings.


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